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Fan Art
Art and comics by you guys! Send us pics! Feed our egos! Give us money!
No? Fine, just the pics then. I guess.

Fan Comic - by Gabriel Lopez

Exterminatus Now: Black & White - by Tisuigi

Making daemon worshippers cry since 2003 - by Tisuigi

Its A Fucking Undead - by Michelle

Expressions - by Pixellated

Eastwood - by Oli

Eastwood - by Raye

Fan Comic - by Machete

EN Crew - by Tisuigi

Fernex - by James

Posing East - First Eastwood pic by Xue/Cyan

Loafing East - Second Eastwood pic by Xue/Cyan

Whassis? - Third Eastwood pic by Xue/Cyan

He's behind you - Fourth Eastwood pic by Xue

Fangirl Mallet - Fith Eastwood pic by Xue

Virus - Master Hunter

Blasphemy - Meg

Rogue - Kevin

Lothar - Esperanca

Lothar - Ryu

Curious Face-Off - Kevin Gibson

Gun Games - Studio Asperger

Transvestite Robin - Anubis J

A Halo Moment - Shaun

Lothar - Shaun

Rogue - Shaun

Crazy Virus - Raquel

Lothar - Elizar

Lothar - Reaper

Lothar - Kevin Leffler

Lothar, Virus, and Blasphemy - Drew Gilbert

Lothar as MegaMan Zero - Kaiyen

Lothar - Azu-Sasuke

Virus as Peach - Beverly Hutchings

Blasphemy - Kevin Leffler

Blasphemy - Boogalajub

Sketchbook'd!!! - Phelix

Eastwood - Lady Katana

Rogue - Lady Katana

Virus - Lady Katana

Lothar - Lady Katana

Everyone is Trying to Stupid Me to Death! - Shox

Cailen and Jamilla - Cailen Crow

Anyone Else Wanna Negociate? - Drew Gilbert

Lothar in Wonderland - Hana Younes

Lothar + Book - Dragen Eyez

Lothar as "Captain Spellcheck" - Spring the Rabbit

Eastwood - Spring the Rabbit

Virus, Blasphemy and Master Hunter - Master Hunter

Rogue - Spring the Rabbit

Eastwood - hyperknux97

EN Team - Martin Zealley

Rogue + Hotdog - Riley Boi

Eastwood Plush - Qeeko

Lothar Plush - Qeeko

Rogue Plush - Qeeko

Virus Plush - Qeeko

Silv Plush - Qeeko

Baby East - Sasu

Virus - Shaun

Eastwood - Shaun

Cookie! - Riley Boi

Something just ain't right? - Riley Boi

Comic - Wendy Atticus

Eastwood - Ourik

Comic - Zamie The Cat

Lothar - Sasian

Virus - Shephard

Rogue - SilverenX

Virus - SilverenX

Blasphemy - SilverenX

No Coffee - Queen Qeeko

Lothar - Lady Katana

Lothar - Joris

Rogue - Ourik

EN Noir - Jen/Dragon Torn

Blasphemy - Kiritora

Lothar - Bob Todd

Eastwood - Halo Master117

Virus sketch - Halo Master117

Lothar minus hat - Chameleon

Lothar - Demon Aero

Identity Crisis - Gibbo

Lothar Hex - Spyne

Virus and His Gun - The Luck Child

Heretics on the Night - Jaydee

Haloverdose - Mr O.M.A

Lothar Fangirl Association - Junichan

Virus Pillaged - Junichan

Lothar Pillaged - Junichan

Love child - Ultimate Creature II

Inquisition Needs You - Xiaon

Lothar Hex - Scott Shepard

Scarface - James Farmer

Western Day - Samantha Alvarado

En Crew - Calien Crow

Fan Comic - Enza

Virus - Lady Katana

Because He Can - Tyrael Kenshai

The Lothar Way - Ultimate Creature II

Exterminatus Now Crew - Psyguy

Baby East - Neko of Doom

Baby Rogue - Lady Katana

Lothar as Aeris - By Ultimate Creature II

Baby Lothar - By Junichan

The Four Stooges - By Moogly Guy

The Inqusition Wants You - By Raptor Shadow

Exterminatus Now Crew - By Sachika

Lothar Hex in MS Paint - By Tails_Trulli

Virus and Blasphemy - By amaroqkapuzing

Blasphemy - By Alex-the-Cat

Pimpin' - By Raye

Blasphemy - By K-A-E

Blasphemy - By Background Bailey

EN Sleepy Time - By Calli

Lothar in Paint - By Dragga

Aww Yeah - Sketch art by Beverly Hutchings, and no I dunno why it's called "Aww Yeah" either.

The Golden Boxers Award - By Mr O.M.A

Rage - By Prismaya

Plushies - By Junichan

Lothar Headshot - Lothar headshot by Neko of Doom.

Rogue Headshot - Rogue headshot by Neko of Doom.

Comic Book Action Pose - Virus by Ty.

Wanted - By Moogly Guy.

Attention - You have been warned. By Moogly Guy.

Awesome Rogue - Awesome Rogue by Ty.

Big Hands and Beady Eyes - Ph34r the cut3 0n3s? By Quizmire.

Lothar Hex, by Sycthe - Lothar Hex, by Sycthe of Purgatory. Aint it Badass?

Bonjour! - The crocodile King Of France (See This comic's newspost for origin. By ShadowKnuxx.

Exterminatus Now: The Movie - By Mr O.M.A of "The Rogues Gallery" fame. Damn this is awesome.

Sonic Through The Years - Again, by Studio Asperger

Crossover Comic - Crossover comic from my good friend Drew (Studio Asperger) with his comic, Lecture Notes.

Fan Comic - based on a real AIM conversation, by PsyGuy

Where Old Sega Characters Go - by The Illusionist.

Lothar Hex as Master Chief - by Rber-0 of ROTDN

Exterminate Us Now - by Sycthe of Purgatory. This ones so good it made East choke on his dinner, seriously.

Virus' Revenge - by Dragonsteincole.

Rogue and a Chao - by James Crownfur.

Virus - by Runnic.

The Seducer daemons - by Runnic.

Not one, but TWO naked EN cast members. - by Tara Jenkins.

Late Christmas Fancomic - by Scott Cameron.

I really really REALLY like this one :) (Lothar) - by Quicksilver.

PencilCrew - by Quicksilver.

Lothar is not happy. - by Jen Irwin.

A very special EN Christmas - by Quicksilver.

Sprite comic - by T-M-E.

Sprite comic - by RedFox.

The EN crew - by Psyguy.

Eastwood and The Virus - by Splash the Fox.

The Virus - by Chaos Duality.

Fan comic one and two - by Quicksilver.

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