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Name: Eastwood, Harold
Rank: Inquisitor
Species: Arctic fox, grey fur
Armaments: A Vladston & Norvstock .44 Magnum revolver, with cylinder customised to feature seven chambers rather than the standard six.

How does one describe a Mobian like Inquisitor-Brother Eastwood? Most of his colleagues settle on 'wanker' and leave it at that. He's a vile, womanising, arrogant, paranoid, caffeine addict. That is to say, he would be womanising, except he has worse luck with women than a Hound Berserker that hasn't heard of soap. This has led to a vast accumulation of pornography; so vast that it flooded half the memory of the CABAL network and actually shut it down for a week, despite CABAL's numerous safeguards to prevent such an occurrence.

He is the bane of the Tyrusian School For Attractive Sixteen-year-old Schoolgirls, having been thrown off the grounds of the site no less than three hundred times over a ten year period. In addition, he has the dubious honour of being excommunicated for three weeks after setting fire to the High Council's vending machine after it apparently "Put stealth creamer in my coffee, the tin bastard!" How he is still alive, let alone an inquisitor, continues to baffle High Command.

On a positive note, physically Eastwood can be extremely quick and agile when he feels that the situation warrants. Unfortunately, this is usually only when his well-documented arachnophobia comes into play.

Name: Zuviel, Syrus
Alias: The Virus
Rank: Inquisitor
Species: Rat, brown fur
Armaments: Bouchard Industries 9mm semiautomatic pistol, hollow point rounds filled with silver nitrate solution.

Nobody is quite sure how Zuviel ever made the grade for full inquisitor rank. Clerical error is suspected, but unproven. To call him incompetent would be unfair, as Zuviel is actually very good at what he does. Unfortunately, what he actually "does" has yet to be determined. A career underachiever, he has about as much self-motivation as a Fernexite has social skills. He is calm and collected, except under pressure when it counts, and while possessed mostly of good intentions, he is either too lazy, cowardly, or just plain idiotic to follow through. And he never files his damned paperwork on time either.

Some would call Zuviel a radical inquisitor. Others would just call him a bastard heretic. Radicalism is a recognised modus operandi among the Inquisition, and controlled use of certain black arts can prove very effective when practiced by a responsible and cautious agent. "The ends justifies the means," is the philosophy of the radicalist. Zuviel is neither responsible nor cautious, and seems to think that the "means" can be justified by being "good for a laugh."

With any luck, he will cross paths with an intolerant Tyrusian inquisitor who will remove him from our concerns.

Name: Hex, Lothar
Rank: Mercenary
Species: Echidna cyborg, black fur
Distinguishing features: He's a bloody echidna for a start - they're extinct by most accounts. Bionic legs, right arm, and right eye.
Armaments: 80mm plasma blaster, 3000 RPM circular saw, both incorporated into the bionic arm.

A freelance mercenary hired by Zuviel and Eastwood to aid them in their quest against heresy. Though a less appropriate agent of justice would be difficult to imagine, considering Hex's less-than-sparkling record. He is loud, angry, brash, arrogant, cynical and sarcastic. So not unlike Eastwood himself in many respects. He is also, to be frank, a criminal. A criminal that fate has placed on entirely the wrong end of the Holy Inquisition's wrath.

With warrants for arrest on almost every continent, for crimes ranging from the trivial (more counts of curb-crawling and drunk and disorderliness than can be estimated), to the serious (assault and battery, murder one, large scale videogame theft and piracy), to outright treason to throne and country (mooning His Majesty the King of Acorn on 43 separate occasions). Indeed, this being's mere existence is a blasphemy, for Hex was created under an illegal Overlander bioweapon program using genetic material from the extinct race of Echidnas.

In short, Hex rightfully deserves nothing more than to be purged from the face of the planet. Frustratingly however, by being officially inducted into the warband of an inquisitor, Hex has been acquitted of all crimes to date, and is therefore exempt from punishment. Someone on the Council needs to bloody well read what they're signing. Attempts at erasing him on an 'unofficial' basis have proven so far unsuccessful. For the moment, we are prepared to let the heathen live. The Council are not without mercy. Besides, he's eating more of our black budget than the Librum Diabolicus and the Fnord Conspiracy put together, and we can't afford to lose any more special ops teams.

Name: Nekittou, Ryoushi
Alias: Rogue
Rank: Daemon Hunter
Species: Cat, orange fur
Armament:Ancient Tachyglossian Technology Void-Core Beam Weapon; Type-K Sword Model, Blue.

A treasure hunter once contracted by the Government to keep tabs on the mysterious Project Shadow, Rouge is a female bat wh – Wait, did you mean Rogue? Rogue the Cat? Sorry, wrong file.


Ryoushi Nekittou is a member of the ancient monastic order known as the Daemon Hunters, whose base of operations is nestled deep within Taika, and is better known by the name of “Rogue” anywhere but their home village as per Daemon Hunter tradition. Seperate from the Inquisition, but with similar goals, the Daemon Hunters are dedicated to hunting the daemonic and by extention their followers. Rogue is a powerful and dedicated member of his order.

However, his dedicated and serious nature is somewhat overwhelmed by his sheer arrogance. He is cocky, sardonic, and his own opinion of himself and his abilities far outweighs his actual skill – which has landed him in trouble he is ill-equipped to handle on several occassions. One time he thought he could take on a 500 man strong cannibal cult by himself. Luckily, reinforcements arrived just before they added the spices. Still, they had shaved his fur off by that time – which explains his other nickname around his fellow Daemon Hunters. “Nudist”.

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