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Message Board: Exterminatus Now

I draw the comic. And I made the site. I write quite a few scripts too. I also do all the final edits. In other words, I pretty much run the whole show here. Those guys? They're basically there to poke me when I slack off. We have a Big Stick for just such a purpose. It's got a knob on the end.

I'm a habitual lurker. In fact we're all pretty anti-social here at EN. So if you have a hard time communicating with us, it's not that we don't like you personally, we just hate the human race in general. No offense, or nuthin. I'm sure you'd be very nice people if we only got to know you.

Email: TheVirusAJG at googlemail dot com
AIM: TheVirusAJG

I'm the Other Guy.

By that, I do the random inane tasks that somehow get left over, try to instill some sense of order into the forums, write unfinished storylines (Pokédaemon, I'm looking at you), curse the world with terribly made filler comics and generally slack off. For some reason I'm still around, and I'll be damned if I know why.

Unlike Silv and Virus I'm not terribly easy-going, but unlike Lothar I'm less prone to shouting. I'm just spiteful and bitter for a number of reasons, most of which are linked to people making inane IM's when I'm in the middle of something. If your screen-name is vaguely Sonic-like, or based on some anime or somesuch, don't expect me to be anything more than irritable. You like the comic? That's groovy. I know. I know all. Now stop fecking bugging me.

As said, I tend to focus most of my energies to the written word, devoting my time between the aforesaid unfinished storylines, The Grim Darkness, whatever bizarre project I'm embarking on and my novel. It'll be finished one day, but then again I said that in 2004 so my estimates aren't to be relied upon.

Yes, I really do have a Cthulhu plushie.

Email -
AIM - Eastwood1427  
LiveJournal - The Collect Call of the Cthulhu

I write the scripts, well most of them anyway. I'm also the official "Angry Bastard" of the site. I'm always coming up with new script ideas so there's actually something worth putting on this site. Hell if it wasnt for me, we'd probabaly end up with "0MGLOLWTF!!11!!" for the punchline of every comic. I'm also the main operator of the stick we poke Virus with.

As Virus, say's we're kind of an anti-social group here. Mind you I'm not anti-social in the way of avoidance, I'm anti-social in the way that if you piss me off you will know about it. Most likely using lot's of bold text and swearing.

Email: lotharhex[at]
AIM: Taken down because of retards
Live Journal: Bad To The Bone

I would be the other artist guy. The one who had to continually make a point that he is not a cat. And the like.

So, what do I do around here? It varies with time. Drew the odd comic. Knock up some filler. Currently fulfilling my usefulness quota by colouring the comics at the moment. Plus I get to debug odds and ends with the site when people screw it up.
Or keenspace. Or the fucking contact page. Did I mention I hate the contact page yet? I hate it.

When I'm not doing that, I'm working on other ideas. The Grim Darkness, for one, but usually an intricate, often alluded and rarely explained project I simply call Omega. With any luck it'll stop being an alluded project and start being something you can actually understand. But these things take time.

I'm not actually that antisocial. But I'm also a very unreliable IM conversationalist, unless I happen to know you well. You're welcome to try your luck, but don't take it personally if I fail to answer repeatedly - I've probably wandered off and left the computer again. It happens.

Also, I fucking -hate- this contact page, because it refuses to update properly and stay that way. Fucks sake.

Email: SilverSword(at)
AIM: SilverSword EN
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