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Friday , May 25 , 2007
Blaargh, I harbour a virulent plague. Not terribly conducive for comic drawing, but should probably get it done by Saturday; made some decent progress since waking up at about 4:30 this morning.

The Forum.

...I didn't say when on Saturday.

Ooh what a fun day. Still not feeling 100% with this cold, and due to a fuck up with the stock delivery yesterday (as in, the delivery finally turned up at the shop only a mere ten hours later than it should have), I essentially had two days worth of work to do today, starting at 7am, we're short staffed, we were busy as hell cuz of the bank holiday ('pparently that means people need to do lots of shopping, go fig), and then the lift broke down, so I had to lug shit up and down the stairs from the warehouse.

And I'm working Sunday too.