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Friday , December 10 , 2004
Uhh, okay, apparently I'm doin the newspost today. I only found out after finishing the comic. It's 4AM and I got nuthin.

Man, today's strip looks really bare. I mean, it's not like I ever do super-detailed backgrounds... But I haven't even tried with Schaefer's office. *checks back* Yeah, last time we had this setting, the characters were drawn bigger so it wasn't as noticable. But damn.


Bugger this, that's all the godsdamn artist commentary you get, I'm goin to bed.

EDIT: Ohhh-kaaay, I uploaded the wrong damn newspost. I thought I'd just named the file wrong, so I 'corrected' it. Turns out it was named wrong cuz it was the wrong one entirely. I was tired okay?

Yeah I had nothing this week either, so here's a funny picture instead.

"After murdering his stage partner Rod Hull, Emu narrowly escapes capture by the 'not-quite-long-enough' arm of the law"

About 3 people will have gotten this British-in-joke. And I also realise it's an Ostrich, not an Emu, but Rod Hull didn't beat up Parkinson with an Ostrich puppet on live TV so I wouldn't have been able to do that joke now would I?

Oh sod you all then.