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Friday , October 1 , 2004
New Comic Every Friday
You will notice that this weeks issue is not your typical EN. Basically last night Virus got some really really bad news (I'm not saying what unless Virus says its OK) and was unable to finish the comic. Luckily, Alan (Mr OMA) of The Rogues Gallery provided this as fanart. So I put this up for you to read. Thanks Alan.

New fan art this week:
1) Baby Eastwood by Neko of Doom
2) Baby Ryoushi (Rogue) by Lady Katana.
3) Lothar as Aeris 0.o by Ultimate Creature II (I'm coming for your skull btw)

EN turned ONE WHOLE YEAR OLD! Now You'd think I'd have a long post to talk about the various achievements and stuff. But you'd be wrong. I don't have ANYTHING to talk about. Except something of a request. Ya see Casey of AlterMeta think we could make it into the top ten of BuzzComix or TWC. You think you can prove him right? We never make a big deal out of voting so I was wondering if we could actually make it into the Top Ten. So VOTE VOTE VOTE! Or you will make Casey a liar!

The Forum

Aand to add to this weeks fanart: One pic of the EN crew, courtesy of Psyguy.

And a rather nice pic it is too, I might add. :)

And in marginally related news, I really need to double check my html before I post things.