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Friday , March 12 , 2004
New Comic Every Friday
Well it's delayed by a week but it's here, hope you enjoy it. And you know how I thought up that whole "Chicken Fetish" thing? Gonzo from the Muppets (some of you may be a bit young to remember the muppets when they know...GOOD). Anyway, he was ALWAYS surrounded by these chickens and married one in a movie once, I think. Seriously whats the deal Gonzo? Maybe he like's to scramble their eggs from behind or something. And I bet I've just caused some suicide attempts with THAT mental imagery. I know Im considering it now at least.

Some more Fan stuff this week. The first comes in the form of a Fan Comic by Psy of Fireball20xl. Yes, it pretty much is an AIM conversation we had word for word. The second piece froms Rber-0 of ROTDN, who took his Master Chief image and made it in a wallpaper of 2 sizes. 800x600 and 1024x768. Enjoy! I was going to do a new rant about the type of people I've played on Live, but I cant be arsed typing it, I'll get it done, eventually.

Cya Later.

The Forum

If any of you out there work for BT or know somebody who does, could you kindly inform them that I would like to be able to access my fucking e-mail account without having to use your fucking webmail interface?
Thank you.
That's it. Unless you want to hear me complain some more.